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“ In addition to projects, I am often simply retained as a sounding board and advisor: your corporate consigliere or CEO Chief of Staff.

I'm a firm believer that you can only focus on a few things at once. Three is my magic number: enough to make a real difference to your business, but not so many that you cannot manage them.

I can't help you until I know what I am helping you with! And this is where my 360° Marketing philosophy plays a crucial role.


We always always always start with a sensible, open, honest conversation about your business, where you sit in my Marketing Velocity Framework, and what you need to achieve.


This ranges from a brief agreement of launch goals though to a detailed audit of all your marketing processes and structures. Helping you cut through all the marketing noise and myriad of possible activities is one of the main ways I help your business.

We then decide upon the three things we are going to work on. We triage and prioritise, focus and execute, and reflect and learn, then we repeat as needed!


The three things could be three in-depth items in parallel, or a cross-section of three items, or all three sub-sections of one item in depth: the approach we take depends upon the problems we are trying to solve, and the time and resources we have available.

The 'menu items' I offer combine fundamental marketing principles and frameworks with my own no fluff, real world, action-oriented approach and style.


My superpowers include translating technology (and marketing!) to human, unpicking problems and identifying gaps, particularly in sales and marketing alignment, and getting stuff done. 

“ You won't get weighty strategic manifestos or meaningless tactical whimsy from me.

Everything is a mini-project. Sometimes we work on tangible deliverables that fuel your business. Sometimes it's a hands on project involving others in your team, such as product, technical and sales people. Everything comes from my comprehensive, modular Marketing Velocity Framework, which includes everything in my 360° Marketing philosophy:

  • Market analysis

  • Business foundations

  • Product analysis

  • Positioning

  • Strategy

  • Messaging

  • Customer journey

  • Business model

  • Marketing plan

“ Imagine a menu of all things marketing, from foundational strategy and positioning to detailed executable marketing plans. I curate a menu for your needs, tastes and available resources.”
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