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Nicky Dibben

“ I'm not your average marketer. And that makes me and my clients very happy.”
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Here are a few things you may not know about me:

  • I went to Cambridge for my Computer Science degree on a bet, and then realised I didn't want to be a computer scientist, so after graduating my first job was in intellectual property management, matching mad inventions to corporate applications

  • I got my MBA while working fulltime, and my Marketing degree was actually the third of my degrees, not my first

  • I started my business 'by accident' after quitting an unfulfilling corporate role: I went out for a walk and when I got back one of the world's leading telecoms operators had called me (yes, pre-mobile ubiquity days; this was 1999 after all!)

I have always been excited by figuring out how things work, seeing 'under the hood' of all types of technologies, and watching machines take shape, from the simple seesaw through to the multi-million dollar corporation. Do ask me to tell you my story about Lego blocks, a Stanley knife, and how that has shaped how I help clients!

On the 'more formal' side of things, I have more than 25 years of experience in B2B tech, both within companies and as a consultant. I have worked with all sizes of companies from household telecoms names though to writing business plans that have raised millions. I work with software, telecoms, wireless, semiconductor, mobile, fintech, insurtech, cyber security, and more. I have been VP Marketing for a global telecoms equipment company and set up a global marketing infrastructure from zero: I don't just talk textbook.

I am totally on your side yet willing to hold you to account and ask the tough questions. I am your chief perspective officer and sounding board, thinking critically about what you and your team might not be seeing from the inside, joining the dots and directing the action until you are fully aligned. 


I quickly get up to speed with the technical details, translating technology to human,  and helping you shape your business to get your technology out into the world, where it deserves to be.

“ My magic yet immodest superpower is quickly figuring out what your business needs, and making order out of chaos.
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