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“Bringing a marketing mindset to the C-suite for B2B technology businesses. ”

A bit more about just the marketing part of what I do...

For more about me, and my philosophy, and how I help CEOs, please visit my LinkedIn profile, at where I talk more than marketing...


So what is 360° Marketing?

You know your technology deserves first place, but it's lacking speed and direction. 

Maybe you can’t articulate how uniquely poised you are to solve specific problems, Maybe your sales team speaks too much tech and not enough human...


What you're missing is marketing that articulates the genius of your technology and shapes a story that lands firmly with customers and investors.

Marketing is everything that comes between your business and your customers. Simple to describe, hard to do right.

Marketing is not rocket science. And it is not the devil's work. It is a series of small steps, executed well and building your business.

It's time to focus on executable activities that will will actually impact your business. I help you navigate the available choices, and prioritise and focus your marketing in a way that isn't bamboozling to you.

It's time to problem-solve, not further complicate. I'll unmuddle your marketing.


Get your foundations in place, with my specialist skill in tech-to-human translation. Align sales, marketing, and all adjacent teams to actually make stuff happen.

Implement structured frameworks with a sprinkling of technology marketing sparkle. Coach your existing teams into polished versions of themselves, suited to your path.

With me, you get a real-world pragmatic approach plus the drive you need to reach that podium.



“ Marketing is everything that comes between your business and its customers. ”

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