High technology companies around the world use the services of Invention Marketing to help understand their markets, develop the most appropriate strategic plans, and effectively execute these plans. From gathering market and customer intelligence to inform and design corporate and product strategy, through to developing marketing materials and communicating effectively with customers, Invention Marketing provides the full breadth of marketing services. Working with businesses at all stages from start up through to global players, the projects we undertake are highly tailored to the needs of each individual client.

Market research, analysis and intelligence

It’s not just about understanding what is happening in the market today: we need to predict what’s likely to happen next and how the needs of both current and future customers are going to change. Research and analysis provide intelligence to inform both strategic and tactical decisions for your business and product strategy. Whether it is understanding the regulatory requirements, the competitive environment or detailed customer needs, Invention Marketing helps provide this insight, from an independent, unbiased perspective. Just some of the projects undertaken have included:


     - Detailed market research and analysis for a new technology spin off for a gigabit Ethernet technology vendor

     - Global analysis of the utility industry market and its requirements for a wireless vendor

     - Global spectrum analysis and monthly intelligence updates for a worldwide cellular operator

     - Analysis and comparison of competing broadband technologies for a leading telecoms vendor

     - Global competitive analysis and market research for the SCADA vendor market


We need to decide which market we are competing in and what position we can own in that space, and ensure that all the company and product decisions we make are consistent with that. From developing a thought leadership strategy to analysing and choosing routes to market, to establishing how best to meet the application needs of each geographic and vertical market, a coherent strategy is essential. Invention Marketing helps organisations understand how to position themselves for success. Example projects have included:


     - Development of European strategy and accompanying marketing materials for a cybersecurity equipment vendor

     - Development and execution of a thought leadership strategy for a point-to-point wireless vendor

     - Strategy and implementation of a product launch plan for a new product from a point-to-point radio vendor

     - Design and management of partner programmes for a variety of technology vendors

     - Development of a comprehensive business plan for a new spin-off for a global technology vendor


When it comes to communicating effectively with customers, and with the market as a whole, a lot of little actions can add up to a big result. Combining highly targeted customer emails, a web site packed with calls to action, attendance at the right trade shows and events, all backed up with information-rich marketing materials, excellence in marketing communications provides every opportunity to build relationships with both current and prospective customers. Invention Marketing helps organisations design and execute their marketing communications plans. Example projects have included:


     - Management and execution of a global marketing communications programme for a point-to-multipoint wireless vendor

     - Creation of a new web site and accompanying case study materials for a financial technology company

     - Development of a comprehensive range of corporate presentation materials for a global cyber security equipment vendor

     - Design and implementation of trade show booths and meeting spaces for multiple technology clients

     - Collaterals including application notes, case studies, datasheets, FAQs, white papers and more, for multiple organisations


Every client is different: please get in touch with us to discuss how we can help your technology business grow and thrive.


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